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"According to brokers and carriers National Shipper List is hands down the highest quality data list used by freight brokers."

"John Lipscomb, President of National Shipper List has been a guest on our radio show- and has been a article contributor for our news and opinion section-

"We value the well written articles we receive and publish from Mr. Lipscomb, President of National Shipper List.



"I loved the email and phone scripts. I'm already using them and booking loads." Jerry Elmore

"You guys saved my freight broker business. I've struggled for 6 months and I've got more loads in 2 weeks using your list than 6 months prior." Pete Hamm

"Your shipper directory list is epic!" Sara Wilson

"Thank you so much NSL. I'm getting a load every day from your shipper contact list." Doug Brinley

"I got 12 loads from the first 1,000 shipper list for brokers!" T. Trieschman- Cannon Trailways

"Your shippers list for brokers is saving me 4 hours every day. Now I use that time to make calls and I have doubled my weekly load count." S. Vestring


"After using various shippers directory over the past decade, this is head and shoulders above all others." Steve Dickson

"Until your freight shipper list, I almost quit freight brokering. Thanks." Russel Mays

"Thanks for your efforts and pricing on this shipper list." Bill

"Having the Shipping Coordinator's name is a game changer!" Bill Winters- AAA Transportation Services

"You're the best!" Cindy Rawlings

"Your shipper data is very reliable." Lou Stans

"I would never use another list of national freight shippers, thanks." Carson Banks

"I appreciate your accurate national shipper list." Pam T.

"I don't feel like I'm cold calling shippers, now that I have the guy's name." Rich Waller- Spearfish Transport

"Your direct shipper list is a game changer." Marvin L.

"I appreciate your subscription pricing." Delbert Pearson

"We're having a lot of success using the freight broker email script." Louis Stenson

"Until we purchased your shipper list our freight agents always used a free shipper list that was about 60% accurate which cost us a lot in wasted time. Steve Kimble- Radiant Trucking

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