40,000 National Shipper List Plus 8 Free Expert Secrets




How soon will I receive my shipper list?

Usually within 1 - 2 hours, in 5 separate emails with files (digital Excel).

Check your Spam folder.

Does the list have emails and phone numbers?

Yes. 100% have phone number, 80% have emails, 95% have name of person responsible for shipping.



After 14 years in the freight transport industry, retiring in October 2021, I had a choice to either throw away my list of clients and shippers list of over 30,000 or offer it to freight brokers and freight agents and independent truck drivers / carriers. So I built this simple website and began writing about what I know about the freight industry and my opinions about the current state of the industry. By the way - it’s under enormous pressure and is changing significantly, beyond and behind the chaotic per mile price.


I built the list of shippers by researching every day for a decade. Like I hope you are doing, I called 250 shippers from the list every day between 7AM AND 5PM using an autodialing platform that I highly recommend among my 8 free expert secrets.


I also used many scripts that others used and that I wrote. Finally, after a couple of years I wrote a cold call script that really worked, getting me loads every day, sometimes a dozen in a single day, but often usually 2-4 loads. It is essential to be armed with the right words and the most effective tone and attitude if you plan on being successful at persuading shipping coordinators into giving you a chance to bid on a load.


Along the way of cold calling these shippers, I developed a ten word script that got me past the “gatekeeper” 99% of the time. It works like magic. I also give you this for free in my expert secrets.


I then emailed 1,000 emails to the shipper managers every day. Over the years I perfected an email script that got me loads almost every day.


Of course I spent hours every day researching Linkedin and other sources to build up my list of shippers. By the time I was ready to leave the transport industry, I had built a list of 40,000 shippers.


Now companies come in and out of business every day, especially in this poor economy, but the list is solid, unlike everything offered for free. Those are always old and inaccurate shippers lists that will waste hours every day.


I hope you purchase this shippers list, the price is 80% lower than the five competitors, which I supply website links to so you can see for yourself. I considered selling my list for $500 like they do but I’m not that ruthless. I made my money after all these years and now I hope to share with those that want to succeed as a freight broker or agent. With my list and secrets, there is no way a hard working broker can’t make $100,000 a year from home. 60 MORE FREIGHT TRANSPORT BLOG & NEWS HERE...